About Us

GiftMeLah started with a love of gifting

A nicely wrapped gift brings about many emotions - joy, laughter, bittersweet, gratitude and most importantly, that warm fuzzy feeling. Even if it's something nice for yourself, you deserve it 100%! 

At GiftMeLah, we...

...offer AFFORDABLE gifts/gift sets (different price points to suit your budget)

...FUN items! We're constantly looking for different items to expand our collection, you'll never get tired of our catalog!

...provide CUSTOMIZABLE gift sets. You can "Build-A-Giftbox", we'll help you with all your needs! 


Birthdays. Pick-me-ups. Wedding Favors. Festive Gift Sets. Corporate Gifting. We got you covered for any occasion! 

For all customized gifts, please contact us via our contact form.