Custom Fuse Beads FAQ

1) What are fuse beads?

They are small, plastic beads that can be fused together to create a variety of designs. It requires a high heat to melt and it's a great way to create custom designs.

2) Which brand of beads do you use? 

We're currently using Artkal Fuse beads. We use 5mm and 2.6mm beads (only for keychains and earrings). 

3) Are these beads fragile? 

Yes. Although these beads have been melted to retain a new shape, it can break if you attempt to bend it hard enough. 

 4) What happens if it breaks? 

Don't worry! You can still salvage it. All you need is an iron and baking paper. Make sure to do it with adult supervision around! 
First, lay the beads out on any even surface. Place a sheet of baking paper over it and iron at high heat for about 5 seconds. Lift the iron up to see if the beads have melted together. Repeat the steps until it gets fused together. Once it's done, leave it under a heavy book/weight as it will tend to bend because of the heat. 

 5) How does the wall sticker work? 

Each design comes with two 3M velcro straps. You stick one on the beads, another on the wall/board/surface of your choice. Leave the velcro stuck on for a few hours. Then just stick both velcro bits together and you're done!

6) I want to customize my own, how can I get it done?

Please drop us a message or email us at Find us on our social media platforms - Facebook, IG